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Raz Release Yet another Retard Tape

She really needs to sit the fuck down!


If you ever needed evidence Raz B is gay..

This pic says it all!!!!

Raz B is callin Chris Stokes and Marques Houston a Pedophile.

Raz b girl... time for Jenny Craig!

Strong words for a nigga who dont even take CARE of his son. It must be monday cause Raz B has another video. We promised not to feature her faggot ass no mo, but this video had to be seen. Miss Raz B calls Marques Houston, Eddie Long, and Chris Stokes pedophiles and said they will burn in hell… U know what i love about church Queens like Raz B, they are the most blasphemous hoes you will ever meet. Miss Raz B is a barely DL homo, who doesn’t take care of his son, who sits around LA diving his HONDA and wanna shade anyone and everyone.

To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech… Proverbs… Learn it!

Chris Brown Alleged Gay lover STRIKES AGAIN!


Today, H8terade just got the greatest tea of all time. All you haters stated that we were making up the Chris Brown’s Alleged lover thing. But here is the greatest tea ever brewed. Apparently, an alleged  Male Jump-off put a hidden cam within the hotel room where they allegedly hooked up. The Gag is, there are MORE PICTURES of Chris and This alleged jump off hooking up and they been shopping those pics to VIVID and TMZ, but we got this pic.

The Pic Shows, Chris Brown and a male “friend” getting dressed, in a hotel, the bed is a messk, their both in a form of undress. Question what two straight men are undressed in a hotel, with one bed? The quality of  the hotel is cheap, MOTEL 6 CHEAP! A place where you go, to fuck and call it a day.

Our Source wants to remain anonymous and chances are these pics and other will make their way online soon! But you heard it first on!



Travie McCoy is Bisexual

When he was cute

A Sources closed to Travie McCoy told us that tells us the he likes boys an girls. Now we can’t really say we surprised. Hell, if we saw this nigga, dressed the way he is in the hood we would be sure he was twisted. The Tea is along with lots of drugs, Travie McCoy, is known for boy-on-boy sex. Now from the pic we got he looks like the top. SO BOTTOMS UP!And before you nay-sayers say that’s a bitch, ask yourself have you ever in yo life, seen a bitch THAT flat chested?


Trey Songz Alleged Lover comes foward.

It looks like celeb gay lovers are coming out the woodwork spilling teas. Is there a Union? On snitch they all snitch? Now i personally don’t believe this one, dude ain’t in my opinion cute enough for Trey Songz, he looks like Flava Flav when he was a baby. I also noticed she clearly wants attention from this seeing as she gave all her contact info at the end. But, just because we think she a lying ass ho don’t mean we wont feature her. So here it is, the alleged Trey Songz lover…

You Heard it FIRST @ H8terade: Chris Brown’s Lover

The alleged Lover... his face was obscurred.

Its been an entire week and the lesser blogs are just now getting a clue. We spilled this tea a week ago people catch up. The gag is that this tea is so late now. But mediaFAKEout used our story and like some dusty ass hoes, didn’t give us a credit at all. You see how them lesser blogs do but its cool. We get our 10’s any way. I’m assuming monday all the blogs will be buzzing on this two week old tea. enjoy kids.