Release The H8ter in You…

Oh No Ladies

Now Yall Know Troopisha One for TEA

but i had to find out if this was true considering dude hit me up SO MANY TIMES!




Letting a man with a jacked up manicure touch yo face GIRROL REALLY?


(See Below)

For a DUDE who “PAYED” you got some GRAVEYARD FEET GIROL!

and them toenails look like sabretooth claws of XMEN


Last But Not Least Ladies:

Now i know all of RAZB’s STANS (not many) considering his career was chopped at 19, but none the least are going to be saying this false..Hence why i had this dude get on webcam and show me some things!

*stay tuned for the rest, half my cup only tipped yet sis*

see for your self SISSYS! & get him to unlock his pics you can see more dick pics that not featured in this post, or on mediatakeout! PUNCH


:: I Am Looking For
some cool ass people i DO have a web cam and i DO have i chat and skype but i dnt rarly give those out so hit me
:: Who I Am
YES!!!! this is me yo. u get get at me on AND my ‘real official myspace’ @ I know my adultspace profile is all over but this is gonna be a little more private so get at me. btw feel free to him me @ comes straight to my iPhone, thats also my yahoo im. AND I DO HAVE PRIVATE PHOTOS THAT INCLUDE DICK, MORE BODY AND CUM SHITS SO ID U WANNA SEE MINE, GRANT ME ACCESS TO URS!!!!!! AND RATE ME!!!!!! Peace

thornton demario girl? let me save your career before i burry it, first of all girl you wont come for the queen of detroit & think the princess of London aint going to GOOP You downe & make you frown girl?

Stay tuned kids – TROOPISHA TELLS ALL!

#oops-girl-boom exclusive!!


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