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Raz Release Yet another Retard Tape

She really needs to sit the fuck down!

If you ever needed evidence Raz B is gay..

This pic says it all!!!!

Raz B is callin Chris Stokes and Marques Houston a Pedophile.

Raz b girl... time for Jenny Craig!

Strong words for a nigga who dont even take CARE of his son. It must be monday cause Raz B has another video. We promised not to feature her faggot ass no mo, but this video had to be seen. Miss Raz B calls Marques Houston, Eddie Long, and Chris Stokes pedophiles and said they will burn in hell… U know what i love about church Queens like Raz B, they are the most blasphemous hoes you will ever meet. Miss Raz B is a barely DL homo, who doesn’t take care of his son, who sits around LA diving his HONDA and wanna shade anyone and everyone.

To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech… Proverbs… Learn it!

Chris Brown Alleged Gay lover STRIKES AGAIN!


Today, H8terade just got the greatest tea of all time. All you haters stated that we were making up the Chris Brown’s Alleged lover thing. But here is the greatest tea ever brewed. Apparently, an alleged  Male Jump-off put a hidden cam within the hotel room where they allegedly hooked up. The Gag is, there are MORE PICTURES of Chris and This alleged jump off hooking up and they been shopping those pics to VIVID and TMZ, but we got this pic.

The Pic Shows, Chris Brown and a male “friend” getting dressed, in a hotel, the bed is a messk, their both in a form of undress. Question what two straight men are undressed in a hotel, with one bed? The quality of  the hotel is cheap, MOTEL 6 CHEAP! A place where you go, to fuck and call it a day.

Our Source wants to remain anonymous and chances are these pics and other will make their way online soon! But you heard it first on!



Travie McCoy is Bisexual

When he was cute

A Sources closed to Travie McCoy told us that tells us the he likes boys an girls. Now we can’t really say we surprised. Hell, if we saw this nigga, dressed the way he is in the hood we would be sure he was twisted. The Tea is along with lots of drugs, Travie McCoy, is known for boy-on-boy sex. Now from the pic we got he looks like the top. SO BOTTOMS UP!And before you nay-sayers say that’s a bitch, ask yourself have you ever in yo life, seen a bitch THAT flat chested?


Trey Songz Alleged Lover comes foward.

It looks like celeb gay lovers are coming out the woodwork spilling teas. Is there a Union? On snitch they all snitch? Now i personally don’t believe this one, dude ain’t in my opinion cute enough for Trey Songz, he looks like Flava Flav when he was a baby. I also noticed she clearly wants attention from this seeing as she gave all her contact info at the end. But, just because we think she a lying ass ho don’t mean we wont feature her. So here it is, the alleged Trey Songz lover…

You Heard it FIRST @ H8terade: Chris Brown’s Lover

The alleged Lover... his face was obscurred.

Its been an entire week and the lesser blogs are just now getting a clue. We spilled this tea a week ago people catch up. The gag is that this tea is so late now. But mediaFAKEout used our story and like some dusty ass hoes, didn’t give us a credit at all. You see how them lesser blogs do but its cool. We get our 10’s any way. I’m assuming monday all the blogs will be buzzing on this two week old tea. enjoy kids.

Top ten reported DL in Music

Often times my readers want to here about the Down Low world. This is because most of my readers are gay or female. Women, more so than gay men are fascinated by the Down Low World. But the gag is, most of them don’t wanna believe the really believe their favorite rapper takes it up the ass. Today I have a special treat. Today we will run down the top 10 DL men in music along with their reported tea.

10. Chris Brown- Though initially I would have never suspected Chris to be on the low apparently there had been rumors way before this video of his supposed lover was leaked on to youtube. Mediatakeout reported that he was also  reported back in October of ’08 that Chris Brown was involved with a gay man. Often times DL men have girlfriends who are their primary sexual partners (Rihanna for example) but occasionally engage in sex with a male “friend” or associate. If a girlfriend was to find out, or threaten to expose him, chances are he could erupt in to violence. Especially if you’re a teen heartthrob.

9. Yung Joc- Often times to get the heat off them, a DL man will accuse others of homosexuality. Yung Joc had the internet a jumping a few years ago claiming he would out a gay rapper. I was sure he was about to out himself since rumor has it that he like fat bottoms. But after all that pillow talk nothing came to be. No str8 man would go through all the drama and trouble trying to out anyone. That’s not the style of a str8 man who is comfortable with his sexuality. This is the act of a messy fag.

8. Kanye West- DL men like gay men often enlist beards to conceal their gayness. Often times these beards are lesbians. Take Kanye and Amber Rose. Amber Rose was a well known dyke. No shade, but she was. No one knew her as bisexual until her affiliation with Kanye West in 08. But after the relationship was over she was told to sign a confidentiality agreement and was told to keep them big ass lips quite. These agreements are usually meant because there are seriously damaging secrets that a party doesn’t want to be spilled. And since we all know Amber is a lesbian, what damage could she receive?

no chemistry

7. Busta Rhymes- DL men are usually homophobic in nature. Miss Rhymes problem is she is too homophobic. Busta focuses on homosexuality a lot in his lyrics and his interviews. You can’t come for the homos and keep your career especially if you’re working under Diddy who is known for his “colorful” sexuality. Just google “Busta Rhymes gay” and thousand of articles and stories. Usually gay rumors are made up about you if you are cute, Busta is busted.

6. All Them Pretty Ricky Niggas- DL men tend to try to be over heterosexual. Pretty Ricky is known for their pornographic raunchy lyrics. At a concert Slick’em’s monkey ass screamed to a crowd of women “We talk about pussy, we sing about pussy, we rap about pussy, cause we love motherfucking pussy.” That aint remotely attractive to hear. Women don’t wanna hear some foul shit like that. Their lack of understanding how women think, feel, and want to be approach proves these nigga don’t know shit about pussy. And do I need to bring up Spectacular dancing in some pink panties.

Spectacular a HOMO LADIES

5. Bow Wow- The term DL is thrown around a lot. To Be considered DL you have to be either bisexual or gay and live a secret gay lifestyle while your current image is that of a straight man. However real DL men believe they are straight where as a closeted homo is just a closeted homo. Which Brings us to Bow Wow, everyone and they mama know he letting Omarion beat his cake while he tosses Omarion’s salad (I know, that was graphic sorry) But Miss Bow Wow think she is fooling the world. After that legendery queen out she did, there is no way she can think she is DL. But Hey the DL world is delusional.

bow wow queening out!

4. Drake- Masculinity in the black community is already over aggressive. And to be considered a man sometimes you got act like an Aggressive coon. Drake, a biracial Canadian seems to be struggling with this. Rumor has it that Drake is as gay as the day is long. Drake and Lil Wayne sexual involvement has been written about by not just H8terade, but numerous gossip sites. DL men rarely value or respect women, that’s prolly why Drake Forever getting the faces of women. To us Drake is just gay, Canadian, and a pussy, trying his best to pass for a straight thug, but failing.

3. Lil Wayne- Can we really call Weezy downlow. When asked about his gayness, Wayne never gives it a real answer, if he answers the question at all. What we do know is that most of his sexuality is based around his “daddy” Baby. Baby exposed Wayne to sex at age 12. Now, DL men are usually then dudes with lots of children all over the city. Wayne is a good example of this. You see a lot of women, you see a lot of kids, but none of these women stay very long. They seem to only stay long enough to get pregnant. Most DL have struggle with staying in a stable relationship with wither sex. So he has a plethora  of children and broken engagement. But no relationship really lasting to long.

2. P Diddy- Need I say more?

1. 50 Cent- 50 is the combination of numerous aspect, Hyper-Homophobia, Hyper-misogyny, and hangs with gay men. Rumor started with Lloyd Banks, who was accused of being in gay porn. Fat Joe, The Game, and Rick Ross has all accused him of being gay. When Rick Ross asked a DJ who is well known in the business had she heard 50 was gay, she refused to answer the question. She refused to say no. Of course 50 also went the Kanye route by dating a dyke. (C-error)

The Alleged picture of lloyd banks in gay porn


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